Dress Code


[Applicable when attending the Club except for official Club functions]

Members and their Guests are to wear ‘smart-casual’ attire and to respect the Club’s ethos of smartness and good taste.

For example: A suit or jacket with trousers, collared shirt and tie is preferred but not mandatory. Smart denim jeans are acceptable worn with a collared shirt.



[Applicable when attending official Club functions unless otherwise stated in the notice]

A suit or sports jacket with trousers (not jeans), collared shirt and tie

(Club ties preferred).

Visiting Ladies are expected to be suitably attired for the occasion.




  1. For the avoidance of doubt, ‘distressed’ clothing (i.e. ripped or faded jeans), shorts, open sandals, training shoes and sports clothing are not acceptable in the Club.

  1. Any Member or guest who does not comply with the dress code may be refused entry. Please note any decision regarding the suitability of a Member’s appearance will be entirely at the discretion of the Committee and or the Manager. We would be grateful if you could also ensure the dress code is conveyed to any guests you invite to attend the Club.