In order to protect the exclusivity of the Uni Lit we require existing members to introduce new members to the Club. However under exceptional circumstances it is possible to apply for membership if you do not know a member, please ask for details.

If you have attended an event or been for a meeting  and wish to apply to join as a temporary member, simply download a form from the link on the right hand side of this page and ask your introducer (if applicable) to fill out their information and that of another member.

You will be required to pay £50, this will be applied as a credit balance to a temporary membership card and you may spend all of this in the Club bar or at functions or events in order for you to make use of the Club and meet new members.

If you do wish to join your application will be advertised to the members with whom you have hopefully interacted for support, to put your name forward and recommend you for full membership.

Temporary membership lasts for 3 months after which, assuming your application has received sufficient support, your application will be placed before the committee for approval.  If successful you will be required to pay the membership fee, issued with a club tie, a membership card and entitled to vote at the AGM, put yourself forward for committee membership and join in all member activities.

You will be able to introduce new people after you have been a member for 2 years

All members must abide by the Club rules which will be provided upon request and are displayed in the members bar.